We can’t have efficient crops

without healthy soil

Odoo • une photo avec une légende
Many factors influence soil health

Erosion and soil degradation around the world  destroy

80 000 km²  every year accross the planet !

It takes 2000 years to recreate 10 cm of soil.

The land is a beneficent heritage that we must protect and revitalize because

25% of the soils are today irreparably degraded.


Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

Zéro Résidu


Exclusive complex based on essential micronutrients.

It allows the revitalization of weathered soils and relaunches the humus cycle.

Can be use in organic farming        

Odoo- Echantillon n° 2 pour trois colonnes

Zéro Résidu


Exclusive complex based on micronutrients.

It improves aeration and soil structure and revives all natural soil defense processes.

Can be use in organic farming 

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes

Zéro Résidu

Sols Carencés

Concentrate of highly assimilable specific organic trace elements. 

It removes limiting factors of deficient soils and crops.

Can be use in organic farming