We can’t have efficient crops

without healthy soil

Odoo • une photo avec une légende
Many factors influence soil health

Erosion and soil degradation around the world  destroy

80 000 km²  every year accross the planet !

It takes 2000 years to recreate 10 cm of soil.

The land is a beneficent heritage that we must protect and revitalize because

25% of the soils are today irreparably degraded.


Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

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Exclusive complex based on essential micronutrients.

It allows the revitalization of weathered soils and relaunches the humus cycle.

Can be use in organic farming        

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Exclusive complex based on micronutrients.

It improves aeration and soil structure and revives all natural soil defense processes.

Ces Bacillus exclusifs permettent d'augmenter les reliquats azotés ainsi que le niveau de phosphore actif tout en améliorant les capacités de digestion d'un sol

Can be use in organic farming 

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes

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Sols Carencés

Concentrate of highly assimilable specific organic trace elements. 

It removes limiting factors of deficient soils and crops.

Can be use in organic farming